Massive Verdict for BJP and its Alliance in Mirik Sub-Division

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Massive Verdict

Massive Verdict for BJP and its Alliance in Mirik Sub-Division

On the auspicious occasion of Bhanu Jayanti, Darjeeling MP Raju Bista joined the people of Mirik in celebrating the resounding victory achieved by the BJP and their Alliance in both the Panchayat and Panchayat Samiti elections in Mirik sub-division.

Mirik has always been a harbinger of change in the Darjeeling and Kalimpong hills, and the whole-hearted acceptance of BJP and Alliance candidates by the people of Mirik signifies a transformative wave sweeping across the hills and Terai. The people of Mirik have given a massive verdict, reflecting their trust and belief in the BJP and its Alliance.

Expressing gratitude to the people of Mirik, Raju Bista stated, “While our victories have been decisive, it is important to note that in places where our candidates have lost, it has been by a very narrow margin. I thank the people of Mirik for their support and trust and assure them that we will fulfill all the commitments we have made in a time-bound manner.”

Bista also pointed out that despite being trounced in many parts of the hills, the BGPM and the TMC are using money, administrative power, coercion, and threats to lure or intimidate opposition candidates into joining their ranks.

Massive Verdict

Warning the BGPM and TMC against indulging in such practices, Bista said, “Politics of buying and selling is against the principles of democracy and makes a mockery of the people’s mandate.” He cautioned them not to indulge in such unethical tactics that undermine the spirit of democracy and the mandate of the people.

Looking ahead, Raju Bista announced plans to organize training sessions for all Panchayat members in the coming months. The sessions will raise awareness about their powers, functions, and duties, as well as educate them on how to effectively utilize the administrative tools of the Gram Panchayat and Panchayat Samiti to serve the constituents of the constituency.

Massive Verdict

“Our goal is to ensure that the benefits of various schemes, programs, and policies, which our people have been deprived of for the past 23 years, reach them in a hassle-free, commission-free, and corruption-free manner,” Bista emphasized.

Appealing to all elected members to prioritize the welfare of the citizens over party lines, the Darjeeling MP pledged his support in securing the necessary financial and administrative assistance to encourage development in every village across the Hills and Terai.

Massive Verdict

The celebratory event was attended by prominent leaders of the Alliance, including Sh. R.B Rai of the CPRM, Sh. Ajoy Edwards of the Hamro Party, Sh. Rishi Thapa of the GNLF, Sh. Noman Rai of the GJM, as well as other BJP and Alliance party leaders and volunteers.

The massive verdict in Mirik has further strengthened the position of the BJP and their Alliance in the region, setting the stage for a transformative era in the Hills and Terai of Darjeeling and Kalimpong.

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