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  • Surya Think Tank

    Raju Bista is an active member of a national think-tank constituted by Surya Foundation, comprising domain experts on several issues of national importance. The think-tank organizes discussions, seminars, and brainstorming sessions on various national issues relating to Defense, Economy, External Affairs, Indian Railways, Internal Security, Tourism, Power, Water Security, Education, Judicial Reforms, Agriculture, and Rural Development.

    The think tank shares its discussions and formulates recommendations for the government to implement. Many recommendations made by the think-tank have already been acknowledged and successfully implemented by the government.

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  • Aadarsh Gram Yojna

    A rural development initiative undertaken by Surya Foundation to provide educational support for students from the weak economic background. Under this program educated youth from the villages are encouraged and trained to provide basic coaching, academic support and mentorship to the students.

    This initiative nurtures the potential of the youth by harnessing their energy and tapping their talents, improve literacy rate and inculcate patriotic feeling and education on Indian cultural ethos and history.

    Under this program, assistance is provided to Surya Sanskar Kendra – SSK (Coaching Centers), Youth Clubs & Self Help Groups (SHG) in selected villages. Under the program, various events and activities are organized for children with special focus on education, moral values, health, hygiene & sanitation.

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  • Yoga and Naturopathy

    A Yoga practitioner himself, Raju Bista facilitated the constitution of a Naturopathy Task Force at the National level and Naturopathy Advisory Boards at the state level. The program provides a strong platform for the overall development and promotion of Yoga & Naturopathy at National and International level, create awareness programs, and offer support to organizations and individuals working in the field.

    Under the program, regular seminars, conferences, health camps and workshops are organized to create awareness about Naturopathy and Yoga. Some of the initiatives have been to implement and evaluate Nature Cure projects rural, urban tribal, slums and other areas across India.

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  • Youth Development

    Inspired by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, Raju Bista has been instrumental in running Surya Foundation’d 15-days Personality Development Camps (PDCs) across India to motivate and put the right impression on young minds. With focus on promoting Indian culture, history, and spiritual legacy, the PDCs are also a platform for youth to engage positively with the society and contribute towards it development.

    Under the program, more than 200,000 boys and girls have been trained in most parts of the country through 15-days Personality Development Camps (PDCs).

    The PDCs focus on four main aspects – mental, intellectual, physical, and spiritual development. The sessions include teachings on patriotism and awareness of India’s glorious history through the medium of stories, discourses, and discussions. Shram Daan (volunteering), Teachers training, and cultural activities are a regular part of the camps.

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  • Ideal Village Projects

    Shri Raju Bista was made the head of the Ideal Village Project in 2003. Under his leadership, ideal village project works To Improve the literacy rate Create a patriotic and cultural environment in each village through active participation of children.

    Channelize the energies of young children in the villages and improve their physical and mental strength with a view to developing their personality and making them good citizens.

    Develop, through the medium of coaching centers, model villages with special reference to education, morality, health, hygiene & sanitation. Help build peace and harmony in the villages.

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  • Surya Bharti Organization

    A platform to connect with academic communities across the country, understand their issues and provide assistance to excel in their respective fields.

    The program focuses on free distribution of books and academic resources for students from Class 1 to V, PDCs teacher training for over 1000 Bal Vikash Kendra across India, and continuous engagement and support to schools in remote villages.

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  • Political Debut

    Contesting for the Lok Sabha Election for the first time with a BJP ticket, Raju Bista registered a landslide victory from Darjeeling constituency, winning with the highest margin in entire West Bengal. His winning margin alone was over 4 lakhs votes which is unprecedented for a political debutante.

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  • Member of Parliament

    As the election results were announced for the Seventeenth Lok Sabha on May 23, 2019, Raju Bista took charge as the new Member of Parliament from Darjeeling constituency. As an MP from one of the most beautiful yet underdeveloped regions of India, Raju Bista faces an uphill task of delivering on the promises made during the election campaigns. Soon after assuming his office after the swearing-in ceremony on the 17th June 2019, Raju Bista has already started writing to various ministries highlighting the issues from his constituency.