Historic Panchayat Elections After 20 Years in Darjeeling and Kalebung

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Historic Panchayat Elections After 20 Years in Darjeeling and Kalebung

After a hiatus of two decades, the residents of Darjeeling and Kalebung areas exercised their democratic rights by participating in the Panchayat and Panchayat Committee Elections. Despite facing heavy rainfall in various regions, the determined citizens braved all odds, forming long queues since morning to cast their votes and fulfil their fundamental duties.

Expressing his gratitude, Raju Bista, the MP from Darjeeling, commended the residents for their unwavering commitment to democracy and their resilience in the face of challenges. “I would like to thank all the citizens who voted, overcoming various obstacles, to choose their preferred candidates. Despite the long queues and unusual delays, the people stood steadfast, demonstrating their strong dedication to restoring democracy in our region. I deeply appreciate and thank each one of you,” Bista expressed.


Bista acknowledged the hardships faced by the candidates and their families, including physical assaults, violence, threats, mental and emotional torture, as well as attempts of bribery and forced support by those in power. Despite these adversities, the candidates remained firm in their mission to improve the Darjeeling-Kalebung Hills and Terai region. Bista extended his gratitude to the candidates and their loved ones for their courage in standing up against tyranny.

Thousands of BJP activists played a significant role in reaching out to remote villages, spreading the message of change, unity, and prosperity for the region. Bista lauded the selfless efforts of the party’s activists who worked tirelessly in adverse circumstances, often facing limited resources, difficult terrains, and bureaucratic challenges. He expressed his firm belief that the collective endeavors of the BJP activists would yield positive outcomes for the Darjeeling-Kalebung Mountains and Terai region.

Furthermore, Bista expressed his appreciation for the alliance partners, leaders, and activists who dedicated themselves to the common aspirations and goals of the region. He extended his thanks to all involved and conveyed his commitment to fulfilling the promises made to the citizens of this beautiful area in the days to come.

Finally, Bista acknowledged the efforts of government officials deployed during the election process to ensure fair and independent elections in the region. He expressed gratitude on behalf of the citizens and acknowledged their hard work and dedication.

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