Darjeeling MP Raju Bista campaigns in Kurseong for BJP and alliance candidates for Panchayat Elections

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Darjeeling MP Raju Bista campaigns in Kurseong for BJP and alliance candidates for Panchayat Elections

Today, Darjeeling MP Raju Bista visited different areas of Sittong-Shelpu region in Kurseong to support BJP and coalition candidates contesting in the Panchayat elections from the areas.

During the campaign, MP Raju Bista also visited Bada Sittong in Lower Sittong, Kurseong where people have called for ‘No Road, No Vote’ protest. Sittong area is represented by GTA President, Anit Thapa as its Sabhasad in the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration.

Despite being the constituency of the GTA chairman, Anit Thapa, the people of Sitong-Shelpu are grappling with basic facilities like drinking water, lack of medical facilities, illegal land occupation, threats and intimidation by Administrative officials to help politician. Disappointingly, the GTA president has remained silent and inactive in the face of these issues.

The appalling condition of the roads in this area serves as a direct example of the neglect that has plagued the region. If this is the condition of development of his own constituency, Anit Thapa and his BGPM party can stop talking about development in Darjeeling and Kalimpong. Their track record proves that they don’t even know how development happens. Their only concern is to loot money and deliver sub-standard quality projects.

Acknowledging the bleak state of affairs, Raju Bista firmly stated, “We cannot expect any positive change from the GTA and the West Bengal government. However, I assure the public that immediately after the formation of the Panchayat, I will strive to provide clean drinking water to every household under the ‘Har Ghar Jal’ scheme.” In April, the foundation for several ‘Har Ghar Jal’ schemes was laid in the area to tackle the drinking water crisis, and their progress has already commenced, promising accelerated development.

He assured to help in the demand for improved roads in Sitong and Selpu, and affirmed his commitment to construct the road under PMGSY plan. Additionally, he expressed his intent to promote homestay tourism in the region through the Central Government’s “Incomparable India” and “Vibrant Village” initiatives, fostering economic growth.

If BJP wins the Panchayat elections, MP Raju Bista assured to build this road as well. He appealed to the people to vote for clean and honest candidate, candidate with vision for development to avoid worsening conditions in every village.

MP Raju Bista urged the people of Bada Sittong to use their democratic right instead of boycotting their vote to express their discontentment with the leaders. Darjeeling MP Raju Bista urged every voter in Sitong-Shelpu to support BJP and coalition candidates during the Panchayat elections, underlining the importance of building a strong foundation for a better future for our community and future generations.

During his participation in the election campaign at Pragati Bhawan, Sittong Gram Panchayat, Raju Bista acknowledged the care and concern shown by the people, particularly the youth, in addressing the community’s needs. He emphasized the power of standing up against corruption, nepotism, and the lack of development and infrastructure. Raju Bista urged the people to vote wholeheartedly for BJP and alliance candidates, ensuring transparent governance and a brighter future for the region.

In his subsequent speeches at Gol Ghar, Diary Goan, Lower Sittong, Rollock Basti, S Golai and Sitong 2, Raju Bista expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome received from the public and commended their determination to address community needs.

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