BGPM Goons Who Assaulted BJP Candidate’s Minor Daughter Arrested

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BJPM Goons

BGPM Goons Who Assaulted BJP Candidate’s Minor Daughter Arrested

In a recent development, four BGPM goons involved in the horrific assault on a minor child of BJP candidate Emanuel Lepcha from Bhalukhop Gram Panchayat in Kalimpong have been arrested from a hotel in Sikkim.

These perpetrators not only subjected the child to a violent attack but also attempted to violate her modesty, inflicting severe bleeding injuries on various parts of her body and tearing her clothes. The young victim has been left traumatized by the incident.

Expressing his gratitude, MP Raju Bista thanked the Kalimpong police for their swift action in apprehending the BGPM goons. However, he highlighted that the police are yet to press charges of Attempt to Murder and violations under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO). Given the heinous nature of the crime, Bista urged the police to file additional charges under IPC 307 and relevant sections of the POCSO Act. He also stressed the need for a thorough investigation to identify the instigators, funders, and accomplices who facilitated the escape and sheltering of these attackers in Sikkim.

BJPM Goons

“As I stated earlier, no one associated with this incident will be spared. Even the lowest of goons would not dare to attack a child. BGPM leaders should offer their apologies to the aggrieved family and the public for harbouring such criminals,” Bista emphasized.

Bista has reached out to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, National Commission for Scheduled Tribes, and the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, informing them about the barbaric incident and requesting their intervention in the matter.

The arrest of the culprits brings a glimmer of hope for the victim and her family. The authorities are urged to conduct a thorough probe to unveil the full extent of the incident and bring the guilty to justice, providing solace to the traumatized child and her family.

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