Darjeeling MP Raju Bista visits Chenga-Panighatta-Nirpania region

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Darjeeling MP Raju Bista visits Chenga-Panighatta-Nirpania region

Darjeeling MP Raju Bista, in his campaign trail for BJP and joint coalition candidates, visited Chenga settlement and Ghatta Bazar in Panighatta, where he was greeted with immense warmth and enthusiasm by the local residents.

Expressing his gratitude, Raju Bista extended his heartfelt thanks to the Chenga and Panighatta communities for their overwhelming support and hospitality during the campaign events. He acknowledged the residents’ participation and emphasized the significance of the upcoming Panchayat election for the development and prosperity of their villages.

“The Panchayat election is a crucial opportunity for the growth and well-being of your village,” stated Raju Bista. “We aim to ensure peace, better education for your children, ample employment opportunities for the youth within their own villages, superior healthcare, well-constructed roads, improved communication networks, clean drinking water in every household, and the provision of all government services and facilities.”

He further emphasized that the Panchayat election should not be influenced by external factors, fear, or undue pressure. Instead, Raju Bista encouraged voters to exercise their right to vote based on their conscience, uniting to create a strong present and an even stronger future for their communities.

Addressing the historical significance of the Panchayat election, Raju Bista highlighted the lack of elections in the hilly regions since 2005. He shed light on the adverse consequences faced by the area due to corruption, malpractices, and unchecked exploitation by previous administrations.

“The upcoming Panchayat election provides us with a golden opportunity to establish transparent governance, eliminate corruption, and promote grassroots democracy,” affirmed Raju Bista. “By voting for BJP and alliance candidates, we can work together to restore integrity, promote development, and foster a brighter future for our entire region.”

During his visit to Nripaniya Magar Tola, Raju Bista delivered a compelling speech at the election meeting, rallying support for BJP and their alliance Panchayat and Panchayat Samiti candidates. He highlighted the challenges faced by the region over the past 18 years, where essential services such as road connectivity, water supply, education, healthcare, and government schemes were severely hindered due to the absence of a functioning Panchayat system.

“Our focus will be on grassroots development, ensuring that the people of our region receive the same facilities and opportunities as the rest of our nation,” emphasized Raju Bista. “We commit to delivering 100% accountability, empowering Gram Sabha, and promoting bottom-up decision making through our ‘Hamro Gaon, Ramro Banau’ initiative.”

With the Panchayat election around the corner, Raju Bista urged the residents of Chenga, Panighatta, and Nripaniya Magar Tola to exercise their democratic right and vote for BJP and their alliance candidates. He assured the people of their relentless dedication to uplift their communities and pave the way for comprehensive development.

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