NDA’s Vision for New India, Development, and Aspirations

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NDA’s Vision for New India, Development, and Aspirations

Prime Minister Narendra Modi acknowledged the pivotal role played by all alliance partners in shaping the National Democratic Alliance into a beacon of New India. Speaking at NDA meeting, PM Modi passionately emphasized the true essence of the alliance, breaking down the acronym NDA: “N stands for New India, D stands for Developed Nation, and A stands for Aspiration of people.” He stated that the NDA’s inclusive approach has garnered the trust of the youth, women, middle class, Dalits, and the underprivileged, making it a true representation of the aspirations of the nation.

“The strength of a stable government lies in its ability to make bold decisions that change the course of the country,” Modi asserted. He praised all NDA members for consistently prioritizing the country’s interests over political gains, maintaining political harmony, and earning the world’s trust with India’s strong and stable governance.


The Prime Minister emphasized the NDA government’s unwavering focus on improving the lives of all citizens, especially the poor and downtrodden. He highlighted the NDA’s dedication to the welfare of women and transforming the politics of vote banks into the politics of development.

“The development of states leads to the development of the nation – this mantra has been consistently empowered by the NDA,” said PM Modi, outlining the alliance’s commitment to placing the nation, security, progress, and people empowerment first.

Reiterating the spirit of inclusivity within the NDA, Modi stated that no party is deemed big or small. BJP’s majority in 2014 and 2019 did not overshadow the coalition’s ethos. He described the NDA as a beautiful rainbow of regional aspirations that has garnered unwavering support from the people.


Looking ahead to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi expressed confidence that the NDA’s vote share would surpass 50% due to the dedication and hard work of its allies. “Our determination is positive, the agenda is positive, the sentiments are positive, and our path is also positive,” he declared.

The international community’s engagement with the NDA government close to the general elections speaks volumes about their confidence in India’s future under the NDA’s leadership. US, UK, UAE, and many other nations have shown keen interest, reflecting the growing global faith in India’s stable and strong governance.

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