MP Raju Bista meets with Hon’ble Governor Jagdeep Dhankar in Siliguri

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Raju Bbista meeting with Governor Jagdeep Dhankar

MP Raju Bista meets with Hon’ble Governor Jagdeep Dhankar in Siliguri

Today, on the sidelines of a general meeting of elected representatives from Darjeeling Lok Sabha Constituency with the Governor, I met with Hon’ble Governor of West Bengal Shri. Jagdeep Dhankhar ji.

I informed His Excellency about the rapidly deteriorating law and order situations across West Bengal, in particular in my constituency Darjeeling. Highlighting the significance of our region from National Security perspective, I informed him that since Darjeeling constituency lies in the “Chicken Neck” region of India, ensuring peace and restoration of democracy here is vital to our national security.

In order to ensure peace, I sought his intervention to restore democracy and rule of law in the region and ensure

  • Investigations into Police Atrocities committed in the region
  • Safety of Darjeeling Municipal Councillors who joined BJP
  • Investigations into massive corruption in GTA
  • Permanent Political Solution for the region

Even today, over 5000 youths from Darjeeling region and 16 Darjeeling Municipality Councillors who have joined BJP have been forced to live away from their families, for the fear of arrest and slapping of fabricated cases. Their families continue to be harassed, and they are threatened with dire consequences every day.

Press Address Raju Bista meeting with Governor Jagdeep Dhankar

I have requested Hon’ble Governor to ensure Central Agency lead investigations into acts of atrocities committed by the police in Darjeeling constituency, and into massive corruption in use of funds under GTA. I also requested Hon’ble Governor to ensure that till a Permanent Political Solution is arrived at, GTA should either be dissolved, or it should be run by bureaucrats instead of being run by nominated TMC party cadres.

I also requested Hon’ble Governor to take steps to initiate tripartite talks at the earliest to pave way for finding Permanent Political solution to the long-pending demands of the people from our region.

Hon’ble Governor Dhankhar ji has taken cognizance of my requests and has said that he will examine my requests on priority.

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  1. Good discusion to hunorble gover nor of wb our mp raju bist .i suport with you our sentiment gorkhaland seprate state by bengal long pending demand state in union of india .i dnt stay in bengal my motherland Darjeeling .kalimpong and tarai Doors. Our sentiment only one point agenda state gorkhaland cuntution india .thank you sir hunorble mp darjeeling india .

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